Is this thing on?

I have neglected this space for quite a while, for a variety of reasons. Lately I have been more engaged on social media, though, and a friend convinced me to stop putting off getting back to my writing.

This is just a post to remind myself as much as anything else that I have a space for it, and I am not so bad at it either. Looking back through the content I’ve posted in the past, I probably won’t ever address the Hugo awards again. I will look to continue my gaming series. I will probably talk more politics – decide for yourself if that’s good or bad, but the Trump administration is giving us lots of fuel. I may also have a regular guest/joint feature, if said friend is amenable and we can work out enough interesting topics.

Long story short, I have had enough of a hiatus, and it is time for me to get back to writing. See you here.

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The Dead Cannot Speak For Themselves (A Challenge)


Writing prompt provided by yours truly in a discussion. I like it. Excellent imagery.

Source: The Dead Cannot Speak For Themselves (A Challenge)

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The People In Favor

So Tom Knighton had a solid post about diversity in fiction, which led to some good discussion about same. I shared some background on what will be my first novel, and after a little back and forth decided to share some details of the setting here. Sort of a “preview,” a glimpse at the coming attractions. Successful authors do that, right? Well, I will pretend to be a successful author today.

I originally started writing this as some personal background to sort out what my setting is like, but quickly shifted into storytelling mode. This is now my working prologue, for my book, working title The People in Favor. Let me know what you think! Continue reading

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The Greatest Games I Have Ever Played: Diablo III

I don’t have insider information. I am not a world record holder. I have, though, played more games on more systems than almost anyone I’ve ever met. The games I write about here are The Greatest Games I Have Ever Played.

Gauntlet was a revolution in gameplay. When it hit arcades, with its four-player simultaneous action, different character classes, sprawling dungeon maps, hordes of monsters, buckets of loot, overhead perspective, and on and on, the game immediately became a quarter-devouring monster. “[Insert character class] needs food badly” became a catchphrase among gamers for years, to the point that it has a TV tropes page.

And a hilarious Penny Arcade comic

And a hilarious Penny Arcade comic

Continue reading

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Scalzi And Who’s A Jerk

Outstanding fisk of a guy who “couldn’t give the smallest shit” about anyone who sympathizes with puppies.

The Arts Mechanical

I hate to call ANYBODY a liar.  I  would like to believe that they may be mistaken. Or not have a knowledge about the facts.  Or willfully blind.  Outright lying?  Not usually. That especially goes for authors.  There was a time not too long ago when I held Authors in rather high esteem.  I still do for most.  For some though, like Mr. Scalzi that’s been rather eroded.  Especially when I see stuff like this:

He starts out saying that the puppies acted like jerks.  As if somehow the puppies created a world wide media smear campaign to smear the clique that ran world cons.  Or pressure authors to withdraw their nominations.  Or derided fans who nominated the “wrong books” as “wrong fans.”  The puppies did all that?  Actually no.  That was Scalzi and his friends.

His primary complaint is that the puppies created slate.  He’s all angry about that.  As…

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Final 2015 Hugos Perspective

If you’re reading this and have no idea what everything is about, click some links. I’m done providing ancient background here.

I waited a few days for this, to see everyone’s reactions. I did report on the events for my news sites (and thanks again Sarah and Tom for your time and thoughts!), but I’ve shared my thoughts before, and I’ve found I was trending toward the hard-line side of the Sad Puppies camp.

So I held out. I wanted to see if others moved away from their basically peacemaking friendliness before I rained more intolerance on the world. Continue reading

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Poetry? Yup, Poetry.

I haven’t really written much poetry since roughly 2004, when a legal pad with about 5 pages of an epic poem detailing a damned man’s lone stand against an army of hell got thrown away by the clean up crew at my job at the time. This is probably the best one I ever wrote. Artwork by my sister. Continue reading

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