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Scalzi And Who’s A Jerk

Originally posted on The Arts Mechanical:
I hate to call ANYBODY a liar.  I  would like to believe that they may be mistaken. Or not have a knowledge about the facts.  Or willfully blind.  Outright lying?  Not usually. That especially goes…

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Final 2015 Hugos Perspective

If you’re reading this and have no idea what everything is about, click some links. I’m done providing ancient background here. I waited a few days for this, to see everyone’s reactions. I did report on the events for my … Continue reading

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I Support The Tor Boycott

If you’ve been paying attention to the Sad Puppies campaign or the Hugo imbroglio generally, you have probably seen some of the invective spewed by Tor employees at the Puppies. If you haven’t, here’s the Cliffs Notes.

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Why We Need Sad Puppies

Mad Mike Williamson brilliantly took down true fans already, and pointed out the absurdity of claiming that he isn’t one. His argument, though, is essentially to point out that he has been part of the in crowd at cons for … Continue reading

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