Final 2015 Hugos Perspective

If you’re reading this and have no idea what everything is about, click some links. I’m done providing ancient background here.

I waited a few days for this, to see everyone’s reactions. I did report on the events for my news sites (and thanks again Sarah and Tom for your time and thoughts!), but I’ve shared my thoughts before, and I’ve found I was trending toward the hard-line side of the Sad Puppies camp.

So I held out. I wanted to see if others moved away from their basically peacemaking friendliness before I rained more intolerance on the world.

Vox, of course, originally said he wanted Noah Ward across the entire ballot. Vox’s minions were on board. Vox was convinced to try the path preached by Brad and Sarah and others, playing it straight and going for hardware.

Mad Mike blogged about why he No Awarded his whole ballot. Given his context, it was hard to argue against.

Everyone on the other side actually conspiring to do it? I mean, even old George didn’t want that.

The No Awards alone would have been… typical. A normal insult from a childish clique, easily dismissed as beneath notice. But a dog and pony show attacking the Puppies on stage, and anuses attached to all the awards?

What am I really supposed to think about this???

What am I really supposed to think about this???

Then Georgie Porgie giving out his own “what the Hugos should’ve been” awards?

That’s all pretty offensive, actually. I expected many Puppies to have their buttons pushed, the kind of button pushing only someone close to you can manage. Brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, parents. That’s pretty much the list. The Puppy-kickers went to that level of antagonizing the Puppies.

All that is even before we heard about Patrick Nielsen-Hayden berating the much loved, benevolent L Jagi Lamplighter Wright. Now THAT’S a good way to fire up a pitchfork totin’ mob, by golly!

(Aside: The Wrights showed up last month to the Puppies meetup in Arlington, and they were gracious, charming, witty, and generous with their time and thoughts. We all laughed at me when I spilled ice water on the gentleman across from Mr. Wright.)

I don’t know what the SJWs intended, but I don’t think the results are going to conform to their expectations. Commenters on every Puppy blog I’ve been too are turning more aggressive. People are coming out of the woodwork saying “I was Sad, now I’m Rabid,” or “I was neutral, but now I’m Sad,” and most tellingly, “I was neutral, but now I’m Rabid.” Brad, cheerful, winning, friendly Brad, is starting to sound ready for at least a little blood. Even Sarah sounds a little less sanguine about everything. Larry (I used to call him Mr. Correia, but dammit, he’s younger than my brother) broke it all down as only he can, highlighting the stupidity of the SJW clique in gaudy colors.

Truly, the CHORFs should be concerned about getting what they asked for. If the posts are honest (and the Puppies of both types have been that, by and large), it is astonishing to see the sheer volume of new Pups, and moreso to see how many converts the Rabids are gaining. The backlash against the gatekeepers is growing in intensity.

For my part, I already knew where I stood and what I thought about it all. I believed the radical left contingent would operate exactly as their geas demanded, and never really expected any Puppies to win anything this year.

The predictability of the results doesn’t change my stance. I will still call myself a Sad Puppy. I don’t actually want to destroy the Hugos; like Sarah, Brad, and Larry, I would prefer to restore the awards to their previous stature. Once upon a time, a Hugo Award meant a book was a ‘must read,’ lately it is a ‘must avoid.’ I’d like to help make the Hugos matter again.

This year, I am a nominator. I’ve already made one of my nomination choices for next year clear. I will be talking about things I read that are eligible from here until the nomination period is ended. I anticipate lots of great dialogue about the nominees for both kinds of Pups. I look forward to familiarizing myself with Kate “The Impaler” Paulk, and reading her recommendations. I also look forward to the robust debate the recommendations will no doubt inspire.

I’ve talked in the past about regular fans not understanding the process, or that there even is a process that they can be involved in. I want to ask that anyone who can shed light on how to introduce a new category for video games get in touch with me so we can figure out how to get Halo a Hugo.

Speaking of which: If you read scifi, and haven’t read any Halo books by Eric Nylund, you should punch yourself in the face right… now.

Finally, since I brought up video games – I am still planning to make a “greatest games I’ve ever played” post this month, but I will only get one, not two. One game is a difficult writing project, and the other is a long-term playing project, and I don’t have as much time as I used to to devote to projects like that.


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4 Responses to Final 2015 Hugos Perspective

  1. Chris Nelson says:

    It’s a shame that it’s come to this, but when you look at society now days, we truly are in the “Crazy Years” of irrationality.

    I’ve been avoiding reading any recent science fiction, too busy with Real Life and other pass times. I’m not surprised that the cliques and the big publishing houses that attend the major cons have twisted the Hugo’s this way, it’s been apparent that there were issues years/decades ago, I didn’t care then, just read what I liked. (Been a reader for over four decades.)

    I can’t spend any money to stake a claim in the Hugo battles, there’s truly more important causes in the world that require parts of my budget. Maybe some rationality will come to the awards in the future. If not, there’s of plenty reading and entertainment elsewhere.

    • I am sorry you have been unable to find fiction you enjoy – that’s why the Puppies exist, we were having a hard time too. If you look at all of the authors i linked here, i am confident most of them will catch your interest. Also David Weber, Jim Butcher, John Ringo, and more.

      • Chris Nelson says:

        It hasn’t been a complete drought, the library has the authors you mentioned. It’s just that the main core industry has changed tastes to a totally different demographic. (Can’t really identify with the editors of Locus anymore…) I still find quality fiction, but I’m more likely to encounter entertainment while gaming with my spouse. I like the fact that independent and self publishing has allowed for more choices and true diversity.

        I used to go to literary cons and chat with the authors. I’ve met many of them on all sides of this bullshit, and I wonder if many of them are not just too involved with the Fen and need to come back to reality. I don’t know what reality many of them live in anymore. In these times it’s like arguing who gets to sit at the captains table on the Titanic.

        One of my close friends is a publisher and he was amused by the whole spectacle. He doesn’t have a high opinion of awards nor most authors…

      • It is pretty crazy. The inmates are truly running the asylum.

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