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This one is me too, something to do with the platform not allowing two bylines from the same author in one day. “Candice Thomas” doesn’t actually exist.

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2 Responses to News/Politics

  1. Jeff says:

    I just read your article on transgender children using the bathroom in schools that others say they are rather than their one according to their sexual organs. I am a Christian preacher. I found out in my life that demons talk to children to get them to destroy themselves. A demon of suicide spoke to that I was bad, will never amount to anything, and no one loved me and I would be better off dead, so I should kill myself. If you believe them then they will continue to speak to you until you follow what they say. I started to follow through with this when in the middle my mom came into my room and caught me. She sat down beside me and hugged and told me she loved me. This love broke through all the lies that this devil had been telling me.
    You might be asking why are you telling me this but I know from speaking with homosexuals that if you go back in their lives deep enough you find when the Devils behind homosexuality, and transgender first started to speak to that person about these things. Usually it happened as a child, when he or she were doing some experimenting, sometimes it is dress- up times as a child. This is when this child needs to be confirmed in their God given sexuality. Everyone experiments in different ways.this when these demons talk to them but usually parents who see a boy wearing girls clothes says things like you are a boy why are you wearing girls clothes, this immediately takes down the lies of these Devils and confirms his manhood. However today some people do not confirm who they are instead they confirm what this child is acting like. This confuses the child and confirms the lies of the devil. God says in His Bible that the devil is a lire and the father of it. He also says in John 10 that the thief (devil) come to steal, kill, and destroy. Jesus came to give us life, and set us free. Jesus came to love and to set us free from the lies of the devil. However these boys in your picture who are using the girls toilet have been confirmed from parents, doctors, others and even the federal gov. that they are girls, as the demon has told them. God made a mistake with you. But we say to them God does not make mistakes. You were fearfully and wonderfully made as a boy and God has a great plan for your life as a boy/ man. You can be set free to fulfill all the wonderful life that God has for you as the gender God made you. The gov. Is locking these children into a life without God, because they believe God makes mistakes ( a lie ). So God can’t help you so the demon says I will help you find what you are just follow me. So he leads them into a life of slavery to that demon, and confusion. And now this demon has the Federal gov. making laws that no one can tell these kids the truth about who they are rather they must let them choose their way. This is like the parent that says I can not tell my child not to touch the hot burner on the stove because he must find out for himself that the burner is hot by touching if he wants to. That would be stupid and cruel and so is this. They have a chance to break away as long as someone tells them the truth. But when you keep helping them to live in the lie, you are not helping them you are hurting them.
    We preachers of the Word love them enough to tell them the truth. The kitchen burner is hot, do not touch it, or you will be burnt. Here is the right way. God made you right the way you are. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by Him and He loves you. You are not the way you act. You are wonderfully made as God made you. Boys are boys and girls are girls. And God has a great plan for your life. You are not a girl in a boy’s body and you are not a boy in a girl’s body. Our love for them compels us to tell them the truth so they do not get burned.

    Have a great day!

    • Thank you for reading and sharing your experiences. I will admit that my faith is not as strong as it once was, but I agree that we as a society make a terrible mistake when we try to reaffirm, for example, gender confusion at a young age. Why is it that gender dysmorphia is recognized as a disorder, but is the only one that society tries to affirm instead of overcome?

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