Hugo Time, and Update

Today’s post is prompted by one thing – the Hugo Awards balloting closed yesterday. I submitted my ballot last week, and now I’m awaiting the outcome with glee. No matter what happens it’s probably going to be hilarious. I just can’t decide which will be funnier – the SJW contingent ruining the awards, or Vox Day actually winning one. Either way, good times.

I can’t believe I didn’t make a single post here in July. I won’t let that happen for again. The truth is, I had an adjustment period when I got the paid gig, and now that I’ve gotten into the habit of writing every single day again, fitting in more updates here will be easier.

In fact, this month I’ve got two “Greatest Games I’ve Ever Played” on the docket, I will check in after the Hugos with some reaction, and I will cross-post some fiction I’m submitting for a contest (after the results are announced, of course, and presuming nothing cooler than internet points comes from it).

I might even get ambitious enough to drop some sports columns – I’m really excited about the Mets right now, the Rangers locked up one of their most important pieces long term, and the Giants should be exciting this year too. We’ll see.

Either way, expect more activity here this month.


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Youth Recommendation: Merlin Dreams

In the various Facebook groups I belong to that discuss science fiction and fantasy, what to give youngsters to read is one of the most common questions. All the way back in my very first post on this blog I talked about some of the books that got me into speculative fiction when I was young. I missed a big one.

MerlinDreams Continue reading

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Molakesh The Destroyer

Just a quick note here – this story is great, and you should read it. It is eligible for next year’s Hugo awards.

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I Support The Tor Boycott

If you’ve been paying attention to the Sad Puppies campaign or the Hugo imbroglio generally, you have probably seen some of the invective spewed by Tor employees at the Puppies. If you haven’t, here’s the Cliffs Notes. Continue reading

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The Greatest Games I Have Ever Played: Actraiser

I am not an expert.  I do not claim to be the best.  I am just a regular guy that has loved playing video games for close to thirty years now, and I have played more of them, on more systems, than everyone I know.  Some of them have been fun, some boring, some weird, some funny, some scary.  The ones that keep me coming back for more, though, are the ones we will talk about here.  These are The Greatest Games I Have Ever Played.  Today, I will look at ActRaiser.

This cover gives nothing away

This cover gives nothing away

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Icebergs on the Starboard Bow . . . – Alma Boykin

The author conveniently ignores the incalculable influence of manbearpig.

According To Hoyt

Icebergs on the Starboard Bow . . . – Alma Boykin

And port, and behind us, and where on Earth is that global warming they promised us? And what’s with all the jokes about trees in Siberia, anyway?

People have been complaining about the weather, and noting that no one in the village/court/monastery can remember the last time X happened or it being as cold/hot/wet/dry as it is today, since the ninth day of Creation. But it was not really until the 1700s that we had the tools and resources to keep track of weather events and slowly, gradually, start compiling a picture of larger patterns, if there were any. We had stores of knowledge about local conditions and now-casting built into catches such as “wind before rain/sun shines again;/ rain before wind/the topsails take in,” and “a ring around the moon means rain,” or “red skies at morning, sailors…

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The Greatest Games I Have Ever Played: Soul Calibur

I don’t have insider information. I am not a world record holder. I have, though, played more games on more systems than almost anyone I’ve ever met. The games I write about here are The Greatest Games I Have Ever Played.

I wasn’t planning on going right back to the 6th generation of consoles for my next post. I really wasn’t. I had a plan that went in another direction. The truth is, though, I still play this game. All. The. Time. I mentioned in my last post that it was the greatest fighting game yet released on home consoles – I’m not sure it’s relinquished that throne in the ensuing years. Sounds crazy, right? Keep reading, and see why it isn’t. Continue reading

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