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Fan Bases

Originally posted on Otherwhere Gazette:
James Schardt/Contributor Okay, I’m going to talk about the Sad Puppies campaign because I think I saw the dead horse twitch and zombie horses are bad. So… hit it again! I participated in a conversation…

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The Greatest Games I Have Ever Played: Final Fantasy Tactics

I don’t have insider information. I am not a world record holder. I have, though, played more games on more systems than almost anyone I’ve ever met. The games I write about here are The Greatest Games I Have Ever … Continue reading

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The Alabaster Archer

Shuffling through the dusty streets, the black haired youth approaches the barracks building. He looks over at the practice yard furtively as he walks through the doorway of the building and steps up to the counter. A bored looking functionary … Continue reading

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Why We Need Sad Puppies

Mad Mike Williamson brilliantly took down true fans already, and pointed out the absurdity of claiming that he isn’t one. His argument, though, is essentially to point out that he has been part of the in crowd at cons for … Continue reading

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