Is this thing on?

I have neglected this space for quite a while, for a variety of reasons. Lately I have been more engaged on social media, though, and a friend convinced me to stop putting off getting back to my writing.

This is just a post to remind myself as much as anything else that I have a space for it, and I am not so bad at it either. Looking back through the content I’ve posted in the past, I probably won’t ever address the Hugo awards again. I will look to continue my gaming series. I will probably talk more politics – decide for yourself if that’s good or bad, but the Trump administration is giving us lots of fuel. I may also have a regular guest/joint feature, if said friend is amenable and we can work out enough interesting topics.

Long story short, I have had enough of a hiatus, and it is time for me to get back to writing. See you here.


About mickoneverything

Father of three, mad kitchen scientist and grillmaster. Loves NY sports, good fiction, terrible but entertaining fiction, freedom, personal responsibility.
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