Poetry? Yup, Poetry.

I haven’t really written much poetry since roughly 2004, when a legal pad with about 5 pages of an epic poem detailing a damned man’s lone stand against an army of hell got thrown away by the clean up crew at my job at the time. This is probably the best one I ever wrote. Artwork by my sister.


The sun breaks through and chases away the silence of the night

Illumes the world for out delight, symbol of eternal light

Renews the life that’s all around us

Imbues it while its warmth surrounds us

Brings forth new life and blooming bud, thawing out our ball of mud

Serving as the herald of the impending springtime flood

Spring’s flowers fall and abandon trees to leaves of green

No more colors in between, in summer just that one is seen

Fruits begin to show their faces

Shoots once small now top their races

No more a pleasant thing above, filling the sky with golden love,

Yellow face sends rays that burn with the power they are full of

Summer’s leaves follow the lead of Spring’s fallen flowers

The coming Autumn’s blustery powers bring them down in vivid showers

Fiery shades supplant the green

Wiry bare boughs rule the scene

Apple, berry, pear, and peach, now all within easy reach

Replace the happy hours spent strolling slowly on the beach

The sun departs early in the twilight of the year

Daytime darkness makes it clear: Frozen wintertime is here

Hovering white is everywhere

Covering the ground so bare

Jack Frost won’t hesitate to bite with full force of wintry might

In time when roasting chestnuts become our chief delight



About mickoneverything

Father of three, mad kitchen scientist and grillmaster. Loves NY sports, good fiction, terrible but entertaining fiction, freedom, personal responsibility.
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