Hugo Time, and Update

Today’s post is prompted by one thing – the Hugo Awards balloting closed yesterday. I submitted my ballot last week, and now I’m awaiting the outcome with glee. No matter what happens it’s probably going to be hilarious. I just can’t decide which will be funnier – the SJW contingent ruining the awards, or Vox Day actually winning one. Either way, good times.

I can’t believe I didn’t make a single post here in July. I won’t let that happen for again. The truth is, I had an adjustment period when I got the paid gig, and now that I’ve gotten into the habit of writing every single day again, fitting in more updates here will be easier.

In fact, this month I’ve got two “Greatest Games I’ve Ever Played” on the docket, I will check in after the Hugos with some reaction, and I will cross-post some fiction I’m submitting for a contest (after the results are announced, of course, and presuming nothing cooler than internet points comes from it).

I might even get ambitious enough to drop some sports columns – I’m really excited about the Mets right now, the Rangers locked up one of their most important pieces long term, and the Giants should be exciting this year too. We’ll see.

Either way, expect more activity here this month.



About mickoneverything

Father of three, mad kitchen scientist and grillmaster. Loves NY sports, good fiction, terrible but entertaining fiction, freedom, personal responsibility.
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