I Support The Tor Boycott

If you’ve been paying attention to the Sad Puppies campaign or the Hugo imbroglio generally, you have probably seen some of the invective spewed by Tor employees at the Puppies. If you haven’t, here’s the Cliffs Notes.

The Nielsen-Haydens have been infamous for years now for attacking anyone who disagrees with their radical brand of “social justice,” and fellow Tor senior editor Moshe Feder has said some pretty despicable things too. John Scalzi has been viciously attacking anyone who won’t fall in line with the SJWs for years on his blog and Twitter, including me personally.

The real tipping point for many, though, was the Facebook post by Irene Gallo. If you’ve been following, you’ve seen it. Ms. Gallo took a little swipe at the Puppies in the post promoting a Tor product and, when asked what she was talking about, proceeded to label the Puppies racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic neo-nazis. Gallo included Tor authors in this attack, including John C. Wright, for whom she’d designed covers in the past.

Predictably, there was some major blowback. Gallo posted a non-apology, and Tom Doherty posted a statement distancing the company from Gallo’s comments. Doherty also made it a point to say that the Puppies are not in fact baby eating Moloch worshippers from the deepest pits of Hell, predictably inflaming the SJW crowd.

The problem, as most of the Puppies see it, is that Ms. Gallo did not apologize for her comments, or retract them. Instead, she apologized for our reaction to the comments, and reiterated that she doesn’t speak for Tor.

That has been the extent of Tor addressing the issue. Four senior editors (one apparently former) and an author who just signed a multi-million dollar book deal with the company continuously spew bile and profanity at the Puppies, treading as close as possible to the line of libel to try to paint us as, literally, Nazis.

I presume I don’t have to remind anybody what Godwin’s Law states.

Well, we’ve had enough. Many who have been involved in the Puppy movements have been grumbling about not buying more books from Tor. Peter Grant, a man who has in fact fought against actual neo-nazis, called for a deadline. Give us a real apology, or else.

Well, it’s time for what else.

Yesterday, Mr. Grant issued a call for a boycott of Tor books.

I echo that call.

Clearly, Tor as a company hasn’t felt nearly enough pressure to clamp down on this despicable behavior. The vicious attack dog element within the company has been given free reign for far too long. Attacking your customer base directly with demonstrably false assertions would be enough to get someone fired at a restaurant, a law firm, a hotel chain, a car dealership, or a book store. A book publisher should be no different, particularly when their employees are using their platform within the company to defame customers. Brendan Eich was hounded out of his position for far less, and his actions were not in public.

It’s been no secret that L.E. Modesitt, Jr. is one of my favorite authors, and has been for a long time. I’m a couple books behind in the Recluce series, and now I won’t be catching up – until Tor takes action. Please, Tor, rid yourselves of the cancers that are currently damaging your brand.

There is plenty of evidence that they’ve been lying to you internally, if in fact they are telling you that those of use who’ve been e-mailing the company are bots as has been rumored.

There is plenty of evidence that they won’t stop, and even though they are now careful to state they don’t speak for Tor, without their positions they wouldn’t have nearly the platform or audience they do. These people are trading on the status the company gave them to trash the customer base, and the authors who actually produce the work.

The originator of the Sad Puppies movement, the International Lord of Hate Larry Correia, has come out and said he does not endorse the boycott. I reiterate – I do. Those of us on the Puppy side have taken enough abuse from the other side, and it’s time we hit them in the wallet.

If someone starts a fight and you don’t fight back, you lose. They started it years ago. Now is time to fight back.


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6 Responses to I Support The Tor Boycott

  1. Anon says:

    I thought I’d share the letter I’m sending to Tor and Macmillan.

    For the first time in my life, I replaced a book I was very interested in reading on the bookstore shelf because of who published it. My name is [redacted]. I am I real person, not a bot. My outrage is not manufactured. I don’t believe my feeling in response to the events of the past month to be disproportionate.
    On May the 11th at 6:46 PM Irene Gallo leveled against me personally a series of the vilest invectives our culture has to offer. That would have been sufficient to prompt me to refrain from buying Tor books in a casual, personal manner, until an apology was forthcoming.
    Rather than apologize, Mrs. Gallo chose to issue the most qualified, insincere, high-horsed “I was told to apologize, but fuck you” apology I have ever seen. For this, I will not stand.
    My mother was an English teacher. I and my siblings have been readers for literally longer than I can remember. I have in the bookshelves across from my desk, by my count, two hundred and eighty books published by Tor, including seven signed first run hardcovers. I purchased my oldest Tor book, which I still have and reread occasionally, when I was nine. I can’t even guess at how many hundreds of Tor books I have read over the years and resold, returned to libraries or given to friends.
    I believe in specifics, so I went ahead and reviewed my bank statement for the last three months. On average, I spent $192 at Barnes and Noble each month. It is reasonable to assume a third of that was spent in their Cafe. That leaves an average of $128 spent on books, each month. While Tor continues to financially enable Mrs. Gallo, I will be unable to financially support Tor Books in good conscience.
    You should know that this is distressing to me, and not a decision I make lightly. I am not going to do anything drastic, such as burning my Tor books, even if others are doing so on Facebook. I LIKE my Tor books. I will continue to re-read the books that I have. What I will not do, however, is continue to give you any more of my money until the disgraceful situation you have allowed to persist has been rectified. This is particularly upsetting to me in light of the fact that, off the top of my head, I can think of a dozen of my favorite authors published by Tor, and an even larger number of forthcoming books I have anticipated reading with fervor.
    I have already shared my thoughts on this matter with my friends and family on Facebook. As of the writing of this letter that post has 120 likes and 3 shares. 19 people have explicitly agreed to refrain from purchasing Tor titles while Mrs. Gallos association with Tor persists. How stringently they abide by their declarations is anyone’s guess, but I can assure you, I promise you, that while Tor continues to endorse the statements of Mrs. Gallo in any form, monetary or otherwise, I and those who think as I do will look to the spines of perspective purchases first, rather than not at all. Who publishes the books we love shouldn’t matter. Don’t let it.

    I respectfully request a response acknowledging receipt of this letter. I was shocked to learn emails to the above effect were being deleted. I wish to know that my concerns have been heard, regardless of if or how you choose to address them.

    • Thanks so much for sharing. I also sent emails to several folks at Tor books. When they started claiming we are bots, that was just one more insult added to the pile.

      I hope you don’t have any issues finding other reading material. 🙂

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  3. Personally, I think this comes across as pretty whiny. Yes, an employee of Tor made some vile comments. It’s just sticks and stones.

    If you consider it libellous then sue for Libel.

    Personally, I think Irene Gallo is entitled to her opinion, no matter how distasteful I find it.

    • Thanks for commenting.

      Of course you are right in some of your points – Gallo is entitled to whatever opinion she wants, and is entitled to express them. She doesn’t deserve to be insulated from repercussions of stating these opinions – isn’t that what the media said about Hank Williams, Brendan Eich, the Cathy family, and many others?

      So I am, like Gallo and Feder and the NHs and Scalzi, expressing my opinion. You are under no obligation to me or anyone else i know of. I will not be a Tor patron until further notice, and i will let those in my life know that, and why. They (and you) can act as they see fit.

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