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Yes! More people voting is the endgame for the puppies, and should be the edngame for everyone.

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Sad PuppyJames Schardt/Contributor

Okay, I’m going to talk about the Sad Puppies campaign because I think I saw the dead horse twitch and zombie horses are bad. So… hit it again!

I participated in a conversation on David Gerrold’s Facebook page with twice Nebula Nominated author Chuck Gannon. Some of the things Mr. Gannon said brought to mind something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

When Larry Correia started Sad Puppies 2 in 2014 who do you think he had the most influence over? Larry Correia fans! Just as when John Scalzi allegedly campaigned in 2013 the people he most likely influenced were John Scalzi fans. Prior to 2013, the number of people nominating in the Hugos had been going up by about 100 people a year for a few years. In 2013 it went up by about 250 people. Something changed, and I think it was John…

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